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Dentist Salary in Georgia - GA

The average dentistry salary in Georgia is about $138,000. One of the main reasons that dental professionals are so highly paid is that they are educated and trained to perform some complex dental surgical procedures.

New dentists in Georgia generally work in established, well-known dental clinics on the payroll in a salaried capacity. Dental proprietors that operate their own dental clinics in Georgia can expect to earn more money than most dentists who hold salaried positions. The reason that most new dentists in Georgia do not do this initially is because it takes several years to build a reputation and enough repeat business to venture out on their own.

Getting involved with professional organizations is always a good way to add credentials and reputability to your profile. Organizations like the Georgia Dental Association actively promote dental health awareness and connect patients with dentists. Aligning yourself with this type of dental organization in Georgia can certainly help bring more patients to your clinic, thus helping you to earn more money.

Don’t forget that location can also affect your annual income. Listed below you will find some of the average dentist salaries in Georgia by city:

  • Atlanta: $135,000
  • Augusta: $134,000
  • Columbus: $116.000
  • Savannah: $115,000

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