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Dentist Salary in Hawaii - HI

The typical dentist’s salary in Hawaii is reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to average $56,000. That number includes all types of dentist and is going to vary by focus as well as location. For instance, some dentists practice as community service dentists, which means that their focus is as much on the rewards of helping the community as it is on salary.

Other dentists may work in a private practice with a specific focus. Their salary is going to depend on the number of patients they serve as well as the overhead the office itself maintains. Dentists often accept a variety of insurance plans so that the number of patients they are able to see can be increased.

Some dentists even work for area hospitals on an on-call basis performing emergency procedures. These dentists can expect to receive a high wage due to the nature of the position. They can also expect to encounter emergency situations resulting from accidents that have led to broken teeth, jaws and even impacted teeth that need to be removed immediately.

When it comes to the different areas of Hawaii being served, the salary is going to fluctuate somewhat. For instance, the average dentist’s salary in Hilo is $50,000, while the average salary in Kailua and Honolulu is $52,000.

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