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Dentist Salary in Idaho - ID

On average, dentists working in Idaho earn about $109,000 each year. While this is a nice, well-rounded salary figure, there are several things that you can do to increase your annual earnings. However, even as an entry-level dentist you can expect to earn a substantial amount of money.

In Idaho, dental professionals earn money either by salary or by ownership of an independent dental practice. Dentists have the option of owning their own practice or working in the dental clinic with associate dentists. While dentists in Idaho operating their own practices are certainly the top earners, it takes many years to establish enough of a rapport with patients to consider going out on your own. For this reason, most new dentists in Idaho earn an annual salary by working in an established dental clinic.

Furthermore, you can get involved in dental specialties, such as prosthodontics and endodontic surgery. These types of procedures are generally more costly than routine dental procedures, and you can earn more money by being qualified to perform them.

You may also want to consider getting involved with a state dental organization, like the Idaho State Dental Association. The mission of this organization is to protect the oral health of the community by advocating for dental health awareness while connecting patients to qualified dentists in Idaho. Not only does associating with this group add to your credentials, but it also helps direct patients to you.

Lastly, you should be aware of how location can impact your annual salary. Below is detailed information regarding the average dentist salary in Idaho according to city:

  • Boise: $92,000
  • Idaho Falls: $90,000
  • Pocatello: $86,000
  • Meridian: $92,000

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