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Dentist Salary in Iowa - IA

Dentist salaries in Iowa are dependent on various factors, including the number of years in practice, location, and whether the dentist is self-employed or salaried as part of a larger practice. Dentists in private practice typically earn a higher wage than salaried dentists, but they also must provide their own benefits. Another factor that will affect a dentist’s salary is the insurance coverage provided for patients. For example, if a dental practice is located in the same area as a large corporation that provides good dental insurance for its workers, it is likely that the dentist will see more patients on a regular basis.

Most dentists are general practitioners. Those who specialize in other areas, including orthodontists and oral surgeons tend to have higher salaries than general dentists. This is due to the fact that specialties take additional years of education and training.

Salaries for dentists in Iowa vary depending on the city. Iowa ranks 30th in the United States for population and 35th for population density, so it is not a highly populated state. Listed below are average salaries for the nine largest cities in the state as provided by

  • Des Moines:  $107,000
  • Cedar Rapids:  $126,000
  • Davenport:  $129,000
  • Sioux City:  $110,000
  • Iowa City:  $129,000
  • Waterloo:  $106,000
  • Council Bluffs:  $101,000
  • Dubuque:  $108,000
  • Ames:  $107,000