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Dentist Salary in Kansas - KS

Dentist salaries in Kansas vary according to the experience and type of practice in which the dentist practices, as well as the demographics associated with the community. Most dentists are sole-proprietors of their practice, although two dentists in a partnership is not uncommon. Because the start-up costs are very high for a dental practice, many dentists start by partnering with an established dentist and then take over the practice when the partner retires. Dentists who go on to specialize in another aspect of dentistry such as orthodontics, oral surgery, or periodontics tend to earn a higher salary than general dentists. 

Kansas ranks 40th in the United States in terms of population density. The vast majority of the residents live in the northeastern (Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Lawrence) or south central (Wichita) regions of the state. In fact, in western Kansas, there are many counties which have a population density of less than 10 people per square mile. The largest city in the state, Wichita, has a population approaching 400,000. The next largest city, Overland Park, has almost half the population of Wichita. The University of Kansas is located in Lawrence, and Kansas State University is in Manhattan. Listed below are average salaries for dentists in the ten largest cities in Kansas as provided by

  • Wichita:  $122,000
  • Overland Park:  $104,000
  • Kansas City:  $104,000
  • Topeka:  $105,000
  • Olathe:  $104,000
  • Lawrence:  $99,000
  • Shawnee:  $104,000
  • Manhattan:  $93,000
  • Lenexa:  $104,000
  • Salina:  $98,000

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