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Dentist Salary in Kentucky - KY

Dentists are among the most highly trained, and well paid, medical professionals. Most make at least $100,000 a year, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the option for enterprising dentists to open their own individual practices means dedicated and talented dentists can make much, much more.

According to, a website that collects salary information, a dentist’s salary in Kentucky averages at about $139,000 a year.  The following represent dentist salaries in some of the larger cities in the state:

  • Lexington - $114,000
  • Owensboro - $106,000
  • Louisville - $103,000

Though salary figures for the state are somewhat lower than average, they are still very competitive, and the states lower cost of living might mean that Kentucky dentists often come out ahead.

Dentists in Kentucky frequently either work at the practices of other dentists, or in salaried positions at places like the Norton Hospital or Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. Dentists running their own clinics tend to make much more, but also have to manage their own business, pay staff, and provide their own benefits and insurance.

A private practice dentist might make much more than one working for the Owensboro Medical Health System, but other dentists might prefer to focus on their job, or enjoy working for others in a large care facility.

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