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Dentist Salary in Louisiana - LA

Becoming a dentist in Louisiana requires a great deal of schooling, especially if you plan to specialize in a certain area. Besides the four years of undergraduate training, dentistry training involves going to dental school for four more years, at which time you may opt to take additional training in your chosen area of specialization. It is no wonder that dentists are well paid for their efforts. The average dentist salary in Louisiana, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is $134,810 annually; amounting to an hourly pay of $64.81. Salaries may vary, depending upon where in Louisiana you practice dentistry.

There are currently several open positions posted for dentists in the state of Louisiana. While positions will vary from time to time, these positions can be found in New Orleans, Shreveport, Leesville, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Fort Polk, Monroe and La Mesa. These jobs are in group practices, community health programs, child and adolescent institutions, the Navy, and dental staffing services. The BLS reports that salaries for dentists tend to differ in various cities around Louisiana:

  • Alexandria:  $164,360
  • Baton Rouge:  $133,400
  • Monroe:  $117,270
  • New Orleans:  $123,070
  • Metairie:  $123,070
  • Kenner:  $123,070
  • Shreveport:  $127,310
  • Bossier City:  $127,310
  • New Iberia:  $172,390