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Dentist Salary in Mississippi - MS

Dentistry is a career that requires a great deal of schooling; however, the rewards for those years of study are great.  According to the Mississippi Hospital Association, the average dentist salary in Mississippi is $103,000 annually, with the salary range between $75,900 and $160,000. This pay is commensurate with years of education, so that dentists who pursue continuing education beyond their general dentistry degree are well compensated for their efforts.

Positions for dentists in both general and specialized fields can be found all across the state of Mississippi. As of the time of this writing, many opportunities for dentists were available on, including the following:

  • Dentist – Batesville
  • Dentist – The GEO Group, Meridian
  • Dentist – Kool Smiles, Tupelo
  • Dentist – Kool Smiles, Hattiesburg
  • Dentist- U.S. Navy
  • Dentist – Nationwide Dental, Central Mississippi
  • Associate dentist – Poplarville
  • Dentist – AC Healthcare, Woodville

Additionally, lists the average annual salary of dentists (both general and specialized) in the following parts of Mississippi:

  • General dentist, Batesville: $157,000
  • Associate dentist, Batesville: $165,000
  • Pediatric dentist, Tupelo: $103,000
  • General dentist, Jackson: $95,000
  • Associate dentist, Gulfport: $149,000
  • Pediatric dentist, Biloxi: $134,000
  • General dentists, Biloxi: $151,000

As you can see, specialized training in dentistry does equal greater pay and more lucrative opportunities for those who choose to train in these advanced fields of dentistry.

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