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Dentist Salary in Missouri - MO

Dentist salaries in Missouri are going to be determined by location, education and experience. Dentists who specialize in certain areas may be able to set their own rates that are on par with national or state norms. Dental specialists in Missouri may work in their own office or share an office with other specialists or family practice dentists.

In a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report it was revealed that the average dentist salary in Missouri is $72,000. This figure comes in a bit lower than most independent family practice dentists would report since it includes dentists who work in a public health capacity for state-run programs, family dentists who do everything from cleaning to veneers, and specialists who only perform oral surgery and complicated extractions. The dental profession includes a wide range of specialized practitioners who earn a variety of different salaries.

Every area of Missouri has different dental needs, so each area has a different average dentist salary. Independence and Kansas City both have a median dentistry salary of $73,000. Springfield has an average of $85,000 and St. Louis pays its dentists an average of $93,000.

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