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Dentist Salary in New Hampshire - NH

Low income and underserved citizens of New Hampshire are currently served by 15 non-profit dental clinics across the state, according to the New Hampshire Dental Society. School based and community programs also provide dental services that many citizens would not have access to otherwise. Dentists who work in New Hampshire have a variety of options when it comes to career choices, including non-profit clinics, community or school programs, and group or private practices.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the average dentist salary in New Hampshire is $182,720, or an hourly pay amounting to $87.85. Higher dentist salaries are found in the Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford Massachusetts/New Hampshire area ($203,640) and lower salaries can be found in the Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury Massachusetts/New Hampshire area ($166,990). Other dentistry salaries in New Hampshire, according to the BLS, are as follows: 

  • Manchester:  $195,520
  • Nashua:  $180,980
  • Portsmouth:  $182,910

Currently, a variety of available dentistry positions in New Hampshire are highlighted on Some of these include:

  • Small Smiles Dental Centers, Manchester
  • ETS Dental, Southern New Hampshire
  • Dentist, Concord
  • Aspen Dental, Nashua
  • National Dental Placements, Southeastern New Hampshire
  • Bayley Associates, Lebanon
  • U.S. Navy Dental
  • Wentworth-Douglas Hospital, Dover
  • New England Alliance for Health, Nashua
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, Nashua
  • Conversion Services, Inc., Manchester

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