Dentist Salary in New Jersey - NJ

In New Jersey, the average salary for a dentist is $120,000 after graduating from a four-year dental school program, according to the New Jersey Dental Association.  The job outlook for dentists in New Jersey is rated as excellent.  According to the popular employment website indeed.com, average salaries for a general dentist in major cities throughout New Jersey are from 23 – 25 percent higher than average job postings throughout other areas of the United States.

Here are annual median salaries for a general dentist in major cities throughout New Jersey:

  • Newark, $124,000 yearly
  • Jersey City, $124,000 yearly
  • Paterson, $125,000 yearly
  • Elizabeth, $124,000 yearly
  • Edison, $125,000 yearly
  • Woodbridge $124,000 yearly

Approximately 90 percent of all dentists in New Jersey work in a private practice, either their own practice or as part of the practice of another dentist. Full-time dentists spend about 35 hours per week in their practice.

Those in specialties, such as an oral dental surgeon, can expect to make more than a general dentist, sometimes twice as much. Some of the major medical centers in New Jersey where oral dental surgeons practice include the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Bergen Regional Medical Center, Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, and Hackensack University Medical Center.

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