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Dentist Salary in New Mexico - NM

Because of the attractive climate, New Mexico is one of the Sunbelt states that are a magnet for tourists as well as those looking to relocate. New Mexico's population is one of the fastest growing in the country and the state will need more dentists in the upcoming years. According to United States employment projections through 2014, for every three dentists who retire in New Mexico, only two new dentists enter the profession. And, with the growing demographic of those over the age of 50, the demand for dental care, including services for complex dental work, will only increase as the population of New Mexico ages and people strive to maintain their teeth and oral health. And, like many Western states, dentists tend to congregate in urban areas, so there is a definite need for dentists to provide access to oral health care in rural areas of New Mexico.

Careers in general practice or one of the dental specialties can be secured through New Mexico’s public health service or Indian health service, and even dental education and medical facilities such St. Vincent Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, Memorial Medical Center are all areas where dentists are needed in New Mexico.

The following are average annual salaries for a general dentist in New Mexico.

  • New Mexico: $143,000 yearly
  • Albuquerque:  $115,000 yearly
  • Las Cruces:  $121,000 yearly
  • Santa Fe:  $119,000 yearly
  • Rio Rancho: $115,000 yearly
  • Roswell:  $130,000 yearly

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