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Dentist Salary in North Carolina - NC

Licensed dentists in North Carolina have the ability to market their advanced skill-set in any capacity they see fit. Many choose to work in their own independent practices, while others join a partnership or find work with state public health agencies.

The average dentist salary in North Carolina is reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be $79,000. Of course, there‚Äôs plenty differences in that figure based on whether a dentist holds a salaried position or operates an independent practice.  Independent dental practitioners in North Carolina commonly make six figure incomes.

Dentists who have gone on to pursue a specialization will look forward to incomes much higher than the reported average. Of course, dentists who serve in an on-call capacity for a hospital performing reconstructive surgery can also expect to earn much more than the average.

There is also a difference in the average dentist salary by city throughout the state of North Carolina: Dentists in Winston-Salem average $75,000 while dentists in Greensboro and High Point average $56,000. Charlotte pays an average of $81,000 to its dentists, while Fayetteville pays $82,000.  Raleigh and Durham based dentists average $87,000 yearly.