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Dentist Salary in Ohio - OH

Dentists in Ohio make good money, as they should, given the amount of training and education they undergo to earn their credentials.

A dentist’s salary in Ohio, which is quite competitive despite the state’s lower cost of living, averages at about $122,000. Here’s the breakdown by larger cities within the state:

  • Cleveland - $114,000
  • Dayton - $110,000
  • Columbus - $109,000
  • Dayton - $108,000
  • Toledo - $106,000
  • Akron - $97,000

These are largely the salaries for unspecialized dentists employed in the offices of other dentists, or at large care facilities like the Akron City Hospital, or the Cleveland Clinic.

Specialized dentists can make far more, up to $10,000 or $20,000 and even more in comparable situations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The dentists that make the most, whether specialized or not, are the ones who have chosen to open up their own clinics, usually after saving up some money, applying for loans, and racking up enough experience to feel comfortable doing so. These dentists are essentially starting their own businesses, and it is their job to staff the clinic, buy the equipment, as well as perform their dentistry duties.

For those with enterprising and self-reliant spirits, opening a private dental practice in Ohio is the way to go to make the most money, and have the most fulfilling career.

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