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Dentist Salary in Oklahoma - OK

Dentists are some of the most highly trained medical professionals, and as such, they command impressive salaries.
A dentist’s salary in Oklahoma averages, according to, $119,000 yearly.  Here are the salary expectations for Oklahoma dentists by major city:

  • Norman - $114,000
  • Oklahoma City - $107,000
  • Tulsa - $103,000

Of course, there are several factors determining how much you can make as a dentist in Oklahoma. Specialists who’ve gone to school for two to four years beyond their doctorate, generally make ten or twenty thousand over what general dentists would in the same type of facility or position.

Salaried dentists, who are the majority of dental professionals, are employed at large care facilities like the Oklahoma State University Medical Center or Saint Anthony’s Hospital, or practices run by other dentists. They get benefits, insurance, and an excellent wage.

Other dentists choose to start their own practices, which means going out and getting loans and funds together, buying a space or existing practice, and hiring staff, buying equipment, and ensuring everything is running alright. They can make far, far more than a similarly skilled dentist working at a place like an INTERGRIS Health Center, but they’re also taking more of a risk.

Whichever option more appeals to you as you start your career as a dentist in Oklahoma, you’ll always benefit from spending some time working for others and seeing how things are run. Then, with the shortage of dental professionals forecasted in the coming years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’ll have the education, experience, and money saved up to soon open your own private dental practice in the state of Oklahoma at a near perfect time.