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Dentist Salary in Oregon - OR

Job prospects for dentists in Oregon are looking quite good, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating upwards of 15% job growth for the career over the next ten years.

On top of that good news, Dentists make quite good money in Oregon, an average of $126,000 a year according to, and this much in some of the state’s largest cities:

  • Eugene - $116,000
  • Portland - $112,000
  • Gresham - $108,000
  • Salem - $106,000

There are many factors impacting a dentist’s salary in Oregon, including what kind of specializations he has, and whether he has opened his own practice, or is working for others on a salaried basis.

Specialized dentists in Oregon make, on average, according to the BLS, between $5,000 and $25,000 more then unspecialized ones, but these figures are also largely dictated by what type of facility the dentists is working for.

Dentists running private practices are quite literally running their own business, they’ve got to secure the loans to start up the clinic, hire staff, purchase equipment, and keep everything running. Enterprising dentists, however, can make far greater sums of money doing this.

It’s up to you, upon graduating, to decide which kind of dentistry career in Oregon you want to pursue, though nearly every dentist will want to spend several years in the field and gain some experience before moving on to set up his or her own clinic.