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Dentist Salary in South Carolina - SC

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average dentist salary in South Carolina is $173,530 annually, amounting to an hourly pay of $83.43. This salary does not seem extravagant when one remembers the years of training and qualifications mandated by the field of dentistry. Salaries for dentists may vary depending upon in which region of the state your practice is located. For example, the BLS says that Anderson, South Carolina is one of the highest paying metropolitan areas in the entire nation in which dentists can practice. A dentist who works in Anderson makes an average annual salary of $166,400, or $80 per hour.

Dentists are in high demand in South Carolina. Currently on, there are many available positions for well-trained, properly qualified dentists:

  • Dentist – Columbia
  • Dentist – South Carolina Department of Corrections, Columbia
  • General Dentist – Aspen Dental, Greenville
  • Dentist – Shaw Air Force Base
  • Dentist – ETS Dental, Columbia
  • Dentist – Kool Smiles, PC, Greenville
  • Dentist- Small Smiles Dental Centers, Columbia
  • Pediatric Dentist – Rock Hill, SC
  • Dentist – ETS Dental, Fort Mill

You can see how dentist salaries throughout South Carolina vary from this salary data, also taken from

  • Columbia:  $180,000
  • Greenville:  $161,000
  • Charleston:  $197,000
  • North Charleston:  $197,000