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Dentist Salary in Tennessee - TN

Dentists make very good money, which isn’t much of a surprise given the amount of training and education they need to go through to earn their place.

A dentist’s salary in Tennessee averages about $132,000 a year, according to salary aggregator  Below is the average dentist salary by city in Tennessee:

  • Knoxville - $121,000
  • Clarksville - $115,000
  • Murfreesboro - $113,000
  • Nashville - $112,000
  • Chattanooga - $108,000
  • Memphis - $106,000

Perhaps the biggest differences in salary are determined by where a dentist in Tennessee has opened his own private practice, or whether they’re a salaried employee working at another dentist’s office or in a large care facility like the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, or the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Dentists opening private clinics are essentially operating their own businesses, they’ve got to hire staff, provide insurance and benefits, and run the daily operations of the business.

Specialization is another factor that can have a great impact on a dentist’s salary in Tennessee. While salary numbers vary from specialization to specialization and many other factors, typically specialists in Tennessee make between $10,000 and $25,000 dollars more a year.

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