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Dentist Salary in Texas - TX

As the second-largest state in the United States in both area and population, Texas is a diverse state, offering abundant resources and a high quality of life. While experience and stage of practice impacts how much a dentist will earn, Texas offers many career opportunities for dentists.

According to the State of Texas Workforce Commission, those in the dental profession occupy high rankings among the top 50 highest-paying occupations by median hourly wages and annual salary.  Listed at number seven are both oral and maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists, making an average annual salary of $166,400 in Texas.  At the twelfth spot, general dentists in Texas can expect to earn $155,300 salary each year.

A new graduate from a Texas dental school typically works as an associate dentist in an established dental practice. According to the online job search listing, an associate dentist in Texas can expect to earn $137,000 as an annual salary. In major cities in Texas, according to job posting trends, the following salaries can be taken as guidelines:

  • Houston, $138,000
  • Dallas, $132,000
  • Austin, $124,000
  • Fort Worth, $117,000
  • El Paso, $116,000
  • Arlington, $132,000
  • Corpus Christi, $129,000
  • Plano, $132,000
  • Laredo, $126,000
  • Lubbock $109,000
  • Amarillo, $120,000

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital and Baylor Medical Centers are some of the premiere medical facilities in Texas that have dentists on staff.

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