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Dentist Salary in Vermont - VT

Vermont is the fifth-highest paying state in which dentists can work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States Department of Labor. The BLS reports that the average dentist salary in Vermont is $195,800 per year. This equals an average hourly pay of about $94.14. Taking into consideration the amount of schooling necessary to become a dentist in Vermont, and additional training required if one wants to specialize, the dentistry salary in that state does not sound exorbitant. Salaries may differ, of course, depending upon the area of the state where you work.

There are many jobs for dentists throughout the state of Vermont that are currently listed on Dentistry positions are available in Rutland, Middlebury, Saint Johnsbury, White River Junction, Castleton, Wilmington, Morrisville, and Burlington. As mentioned before, salaries tend to vary depending upon the city or rural area of Vermont in which you work as a dentist. According to the BLS, the following are the average annual salary statistics for diverse areas within the state:

  • Burlington/South Burlington area:  $202,980
  • Northern Vermont nonmetropolitan area:  $186,170 further breaks down the salaries for dentists found in these Vermont cities:

  • Rutland:  $168,000
  • Essex:  $183,000
  • Colchester:  $164,000

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