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Dentist Salary in West Virginia - WV

Dentists are well paid, standing among the top five percent of all occupations nationwide in terms of annual income.  Dentistry salary in West Virginia is 19% higher than the median pay for dentists nationwide.  Salaries can vary widely depending on experience and employer. Dentists’ salaries in West Virginia can range from $50,000 annually for entry-level dentists working for government entities to close to $300,000 annually for dental associates in established dental practices.  As a rule, private employers pay significantly more than those in the public sector, and dentists in private practice tend to make much more than dentists who work for hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. 

Salaries also vary from city to city within West Virginia based on local conditions, including cost of living and demand for dentistry services.  On the low end, the average salary for dentists in Wheeling is $91,000 per year.  Meanwhile, dentists in Morgantown make an average annual salary of $119,000.  Dentists’ annual salaries are even higher in Huntington and Charleston, at $130,000 and $131,000, respectively.  Pay levels rise sharply with experience, and dentists specializing in treatments and techniques that are in high demand enjoy even higher wages.

The job outlook for dentists is very good.  Dentistry careers are expected to grow faster than average for the next decade.  An aging American population will increase the pool of patients demanding dental services, and the growing trend among health insurance carriers to cover dental work bodes well for field of dentistry.