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Dentist Salary in Wisconsin - WI

Dentists are among the top five percent highest paid professionals in the nation. The average dentistry salary in Wisconsin is 18 percent lower than the average salary for dentists nationwide.  Salaries range from around $35,000 a year for entry-level dentistry positions with federal or local governmental organizations to $200,000 or more for dentists who work in private dental practices.  Aspiring dentists should keep in mind that salaries increase significantly with experience level. 

Specializing in a dental discipline that is in great demand, such as orthodontics or prosthodontics, can also earn a dentist significantly higher wages.  In addition, there is a wide gap in the pay received by dentists who work for public entities or hospitals and clinics and their more highly compensated colleagues who are self-employed and start their own private practice.  Finally, salary can vary somewhat within the state of Wisconsin depending on the conditions in a given city or municipality.  In Milwaukee and Madison, the average annual pay for dentists is $51,000.  Pay for dentists in West Bend is slightly lower at $50,000 a year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects above average growth in available positions for dentists.  The number of opportunities for dentists is projected to increase by about 16 percent in the ten-year period ending in 2018.  This increase can be attributed to two major factors: the aging of the baby-boomer generation which will produce greater numbers of patients requiring dental treatment, and the increasing number of health insurance companies that offering reasonably priced dental coverage.  These factors should outweigh any dampening effect that the current economic downturn may have on the dental profession.

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