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Dentist School in Alaska - AK

In Alaska, dentists are licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners, which is a part of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.  Dentists may be licensed in general dentistry or as a specialist.  There are nine area specialty areas recognized nationally.  All dentists must graduate from an accredited program.  Although there are no such dental schools in Alaska, there are in the Northwest.  Future dentists may complete prerequisites and general coursework in Alaska, then transfer.  As they draw a close to their program, they must pass board examinations.

In addition to the license to practice, dentists must apply for various permits.  These include permits to administer general anesthesia and/or parenteral sedation. A business license will also be required for  those in private practice.

Dentists are responsible for continuing education unless they are on active duty in the military.  28 credits are necessary every two years.

In Alaska, dentists may also earn a license based on preparation and practice done in another state.  To go this route, dentists must show proof of passing scores on a national board certifying exam, current CPR certification, and verification that they have been actively practicing for the past five years.  Alaska’s regional board is the Western Regional Examining Board. 

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