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Dentist School in Kentucky - KY

When it comes to planning your route to a dentistry career in Kentucky, you have many options, but there are some things you should keep in mind.

Dentistry schools are competitive, though not so much so that talented and dedicated individuals won’t be able to get the education they are looking for. These schools want people who have excelled in high school, both grades-wise and in extracurricular activities, and then gone on to do the same at the college or university level.

When it comes to earning your bachelor’s in Kentucky, there are all sorts of online schools and colleges and universities you can go with. Dentistry hopefuls do need to earn a relevant degree, but the exact type is up to them. Science related degrees, in chemistry or biology, are the most common.

Once you’ve earned your degree and passed the DAT, it’s time to begin the meat of your education, at a dentist school in Kentucky. These four-years schools offer a comprehensive curriculum where you’ll learn to use the many tools of your trade to treat patients, diagnose them, and alleviate their sufferings.

You’ll learn to locally anesthetize patients, fill in cavities and sculpt crowns, and perform actions ranging from simple teeth cleanings, to oral surgery.

Once the first two years of your education are finished, you’ll move from the classroom to a teaching clinic, where you’ll watch licensed dentists perform all the duties a dentist is expected to, and then perform them yourself with aid and supervision. These are the last two years of your doctorate in dental science, and they are among the most important of your entire education.

As you near graduation and prepare to take the NBDE, you may find you wish to specialize in one of several areas, like Pediatrics or Maxillofacial Pathology, for example. There are varying levels of degrees possible in these areas, depending on how in depth you want to go, and the curriculum largely mirrors that of standard dentistry, though its focus is in one specific area.

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