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Dentist School in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania is a great state in which to study to become a dentist. Not only is the state board active in ensuring that the quality of the education is excellent, but there are currently more dental schools in Pennsylvania than in any other state, other than California.
This doesn’t mean the schools are any less competitive. Aspiring dentists in Pennsylvania will universally need a bachelor’s degree in a medical or science discipline to be considered for enrollment.

A standard four-year dental school curriculum in Pennsylvania consists of two halves. For the first two years, you’ll stay primarily in the classroom, where you’ll study oral anatomy in depth, and learn all about the various health systems of the mouth and how they relate to the body as a whole. You’ll get a solid grip on all your instruments and their different functions, and be drilled in the various procedures you’ll have to perform, from a simple teeth-cleaning, to a complex oral surgery.

When those two years are up, you’ll spend your time at a specially designated teaching or learning clinic. Here, you’ll perform all of your dental duties under the guidance and instruction of qualified teachers and licensed dentists.

During your four years in a dental school in Pennsylvania, you might develop an interest in specializing in a certain area. Currently, there are nine areas of specialization open to dentists, ranging from orthodontics, to pediatric dentistry. Typically, you can get a one or two year certification in these areas, or earn a four-year degree to become truly specialized. Specialists make much more money, but go to school far longer and usually do very specific procedures. If it’s something you’re passionate about; however, you could do very well as a dental specialist in Pennsylvania.

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