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Dental Schools in Rhode Island - RI

Rhode Island dentists are licensed by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners in Dentistry, which is a division of the Office of Health Professionals Regulation   A dentist must complete a program approved by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.  There are multiple tests that must be passed for licensure. Necessary exams include the first two parts of the exam of the Joint Commission on National Dental Associations, plus the NERB Dental Simulated Clinical Exercise, and either the exam of the Northeast Regional Board of Examiners or one from one of the other regional agencies.

Although there are no accredited dental schools in Rhode Island, it is possible to do one’s prerequisites online or at a Rhode Island school.  Prospective dentists generally complete four years of undergraduate education.  They then may apply to multiple schools through a single application,

Continuing education units, too, may be available in-state.  Rhode Island requires forty units during each two year renewal period.  Dentists are required to complete one hour of training in blood born pathogens each year to ensure safe practice.  The dental field is ever evolving, and new advances are changing some of the focus from disease management to disease prevention.

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