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Dentist School in Tennessee - TN

Those looking to attend a dentist school in Tennessee are in luck, as the state is home to several of the relatively rare programs.

Schools of dentistry, however, are still quite competitive, so applicants should strive to do well in high school and engage in a number of extracurricular activities that will reflect well on transcripts.

If you didn’t do so well in high school; however, all is not lost; you still need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to be able to apply to a dentistry school, so you’ll have the opportunity there to really push hard and show your newfound dedication and focus.

Dentistry hopefuls in Tennessee typically get science related degrees, in subjects like chemistry or biology, though there are a few other options. Be sure to stay focused on your larger goal of dentistry, since you’ll have to take and pass the DAT, or dental admissions test, to get into any dentistry school in the US.

Once enrolled in a dentistry school, the real heart of your education begins. The first half of your education will be spent in the classroom, learning about oral health systems and their relation to the rest of the body, studying the anatomy of the mouth, and being introduced to all the procedures and tools dentists are expected to know inside and out.

After that phase is done, you’ll move on to a specialized clinic for student dentists where licensed dentists will guide you through all of the duties you’ll be expected to perform. This means learning how to use the proper tools to clean teeth, remove cavities, create moulds, and even perform complex oral surgeries.

As you near your graduation and prepare to take the NBDE, you might be becoming interested in specializing in one of the several areas open to dentists in Tennessee. Because the state has several dentistry schools, you’re more likely to find one that offers training in the area you desire, whether it’s endodontics or outreaching to the public about dental health.

These specialization schools offer curriculums ranging from simple certification programs, to full-on degrees, with either being viable depending how deep into the specialization you want to go.

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