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For those who are considering dental schools in Utah, it is important to prepare yourself as an undergraduate with a strong education and background curriculum that will facilitate your admission since dental school can be extremely competitive.  

While many students pursue degrees in physical or biological sciences, these are not a requirement to admission to dental school. However, it is strongly suggested that students take the following to prepare for the Medical College Admissions test:  a minimum of one year of biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry, physics and mathematics, including one year of calculus.  Some schools also suggest quantitative analysis, physical chemistry or biochemistry.

In addition, when reviewing applicants, many of Utah’s dental schools’ admissions boards look for potential candidates who have distinguished themselves academically in their undergraduate education – a GPA of 3.5 is typically considered a minimum standard – and on admissions test scores.  Dental schools in Utah search for candidates who can also point to success outside of the classroom. What leadership positions has the candidate held in clubs and organizations, both on campus and off campus? Does the candidate have significant volunteer experience, preferably in an appropriate field? Have they done community service work? Have they participated in research studies or worked in a laboratory?  Schools require letters attesting to the character of potential applicants and outside curricula provide opportunities for students to gain valuable recommendations.

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