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Dentist School in Vermont - VT

Schooling for dentists is similar to the training that students who wish to become doctors undergo. Dental schools in Vermont and across the United States may be attended as long as these schools are approved by the American Dental Association. A career in dentistry begins with first acquiring a bachelor degree, then enrolling in dental school. Dental school typically takes about four years from start to finish. Following graduation with your DMD or DDS degree, you may elect to continue your studies through continuing education degree programs. These programs will allow you to specialize in a certain area of dentistry. This pathway of schooling is quite common among dental students in Vermont and all over the nation.

Courses that you must take before beginning basic dental training include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. The selection process to gain entrance into dental school can be strict, and often depends upon your prior academic performance, performance on graduate school exams (the MCAT or DAT), undergraduate activities, a personal interview, letters of evaluation, and a personal statement. If you are accepted into dental school and complete the program to earn your DMD or DDS, you may choose to take further education to specialize in a field such as periodontology, pediatric dentistry or orthodontics.

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