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Dentist School in Wisconsin - WI

To obtain a license to practice dentistry in Wisconsin, a student must attend one of the 57 dental schools in the United States that are accredited by the American Dental Association.  There is only one such accredited dentist school in Wisconsin: Marquette University School of Dentistry located in Milwaukee.  Graduating from Marquette University may give some aspiring dentists an edge in terms of the professional connections they forge and the familiarity they cultivate with the Wisconsin medical system.  However, attending dental school in Wisconsin is not required to become a dentist in Wisconsin.  A degree from any accredited school of dentistry will suffice.  

Those who complete the four-year course of study at dental school will be awarded the Doctor of Dental Surgery or D.D.S.  Dental students generally complete their bachelor’s degree prior to pursuing their dental degree.  In some cases, students are admitted to dental school after completing their junior year in college and are allowed to fulfill their bachelor’s degree requirements while pursuing their first year of dentistry studies.

All applicants to dental school must take the standardized Dental Admissions Test (DAT).  Admission to dental school also requires the completion of certain prerequisite courses at the undergraduate level.  These courses include advanced mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology.  Aspiring dental students should seek as thorough a grounding as possible in the sciences, especially the laboratory sciences. 

Dental students continue to study advanced science once they reach dental school, taking courses in subjects such as biochemistry, biomedical systems, microbiology, histology, dental anatomy, and oral health.  Students have the option of pursuing specialized programs or joint master’s degrees in specialties such as orthodontics, prosthodontics, or endodontics.

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