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Gerontology Degrees in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

A gerontology degree in the District of Columbia could take students down one of many career paths that involve geriatrics. The study of geriatrics isn’t the only focus of these degree programs, however. These programs are also concerned with the emotional and psychological needs of older Americans.

Gerontology is the study of the aging process. Students will learn about anatomy and physiology as well as the psychology of aging. Those who plan to work in the medical field will find that the core of their gerontology degree program is focused on health related issues specific to the elderly with regard to psychology and physiology such that most programs will introduce students to new understandings of how the brain changes as we age and the emotional impact of aging.

Healthcare administrators who have focused their academic and professional careers on geriatrics will find that their curriculum places a unique focus on Washington, DC’s laws concerning the elderly and their families. Even financial consultants in Washington, DC can focus on gerontology as they learn how to help seniors manage their retirement funds and other banking resources.

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