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District of Columbia Gerontologist Salaries - Washington, DC

The average gerontologist salary in the District of Columbia has to be determined by taking several things into consideration. One of those things is naturally going to be exactly what you are doing as a gerontologist. It goes without saying that those who work as physicians or in managerial positions are going to represent the higher end of the salary spectrum.

Regardless of what medical field is pursued, specialized adjunct certification in geriatrics, should serve to help with upward mobility. Certified geriatric specialists are leaders in the field of gerontology, as they have shown dedication through their education and experience.

The average gerontologist physician salary in the District of Columbia is reported to be $237,000 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each area of the district has its own average salary to contribute to the statewide average. For instance, Washington has an average gerontologist salary of $222,000.

Salaries are going to be in line with the education and experience held by geriatric medical practitioners.

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