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District of Columbia Healthcare Administration Salaries - DC

Since there are so many different ways to be a healthcare administrator in the District of Columbia and so many different places to practice the profession, the healthcare administration salary in the District of Columbia is something that changes based on the specific place of employment.

Education and experience may be the key to success in this field, but they are not the only determining factors when it comes to deciding on a salary. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics offers that the median healthcare administration salary in the District of Columbia is $80,000. This number includes all administrators, no matter how large the institution or what type of clientele is serviced there.

A great majority of healthcare administrators work in hospitals and medical offices that have a good amount of employees. Some of those facilities would include Providence Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington Hospital Center and the United Medical Center.

Administrators who begin their career in entry level positions and rise to the head administrative position are bound to find an increase in their salary that is contingent on the development of their education, length of time employed by the facility and the duties performed. This is a profession that demands time to develop skills and increase salary levels.

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