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Washington DC is perhaps one of the most interesting of all historic places to visit. From Congress to the White House, there is certainly nothing more historic that the great Washington DC. So much history lies within the walls of this place – where historic documents were signed and where our forefathers gathered in pursuit of our happiness.

Even in a place like Washington DC that is loaded to the gills with history, there is still daily life that must survive. Medical billing and coding is a highly lucrative profession in the DC area, perhaps because so many of the healthcare decisions are made right down the street.

DC Law and National Accreditation for Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

With all of the many laws that are created and enacted in DC, it is somewhat surprising that no law mandates and implies how a DC resident can get involved as a medical biller or coder. As surprising as that is, there are still legitimate and professional ways to get medical coding and billing training in Washington DC.

The first step to becoming a medical billing and coding professional is to attend a school offering Washington DC medical billing and coding training. The national accrediting organization over medical billing and coding is the American Health Information Management Association, also known as AHIMA.

The American Health Information Management Association is an organization which was created to ensure the proper handling and privacy of medical documentation in the medical field. This is utterly important to understand when considering a job in the medical billing and coding industry.

This nationally accredited organization only gives accreditation to schools which uphold the highest standards of professionalism in medical billing and coding. The accreditation means that the school is taking the proper steps and training to ensure that all of their students are accurately informed about the most current laws and procedures of medical billing and coding.

This is why it is an extremely important matter for students in DC to make sure that they school they attend is accredited by AHIMA. Without this accreditation, the job outlook for a medical biller or coder in DC can be pretty scarce.


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