Midwifery Programs in District of Columbia

Midwifery School in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

It is important for students in the District of Columbia to be aware that the practice of direct-entry midwifery is not legally allowed. According to restrictions by the District of Columbia Health Professional Licensing Administration, midwives cannot practice without the assistance of qualified physicians. Practicing midwifery in the absence of a medical doctor would be known as direct-entry midwifery.

In the District of Columbia, it is possible to obtain a license a nurse-midwife, which means that your education and training is equally split between both nursing and midwifery. A license in this profession requires a great deal of time and educational study, so it is essential to select and begin with a midwifery school in the District of Columbia. Here you will be taking a variety of medical courses pertaining specifically to the applications of midwifery. Core classes could include:

  • Female anatomical organs and structures
  • Neonatal anatomy
  • Stages and development of pregnancy
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Annual gynecologic exam procedures
  • Pre and post pregnancy Laboratory testing

The completion of the courses eventually leads to the Master of Science degree in midwifery. With this midwifery students in Washington, DC are able to pursue midwifery careers in hospitals and clinics throughout DC that support midwifery applications.

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