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MRI Technician Salaries in District of Columbia

MRI technicians in the District of Columbia are extremely well compensated with an average annual income of $79,000. Because MRI technicians are responsible for operating machinery with the potential to diagnose life-threatening conditions before they actually become fatal, there is no exception to the fact that MRI technicians are integral figures in the medical diagnostics field.

Also, there is expected to be about a 15% growth in the overall need for MRI technicians through the year 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The main reason for such a high increase is the continued aging of the population and the need for the elderly to seek medical diagnostic care. With that being said, MRI technicians in the District of Columbia can expect to see an increase in employment offers and wages.

One of the major impacts on MRI technician salaries in the District of Columbia is facility type. There are several types of facilities to work for, including specialty clinics, physicians’ offices, regional hospitals, state hospitals, and outpatient settings. The BLS identified that the highest-earning MRI technicians in the District of Columbia worked for specialty clinics and state hospitals.

To give you an idea of how location can influence your salary, consider that the average annual income for MRI technician salaries in Washington is $74,000 per year.

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