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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in District of Columbia - DC

Admittedly, students attempting to locate nuclear medicine technologist schools in Washington, DC may be disappointed to find them absent within the district. However, there are schools that do offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy. This program is forty-eight months in length and requires the completion of such courses as: Health Care Research, Radiation Oncology, Clinical Radiation Therapy, Environment and Radiation Protection, and Principles and Practices of Radiation Therapy. Those students determined to find other campus-based education may want to research nuclear medicine technology programs offered in neighboring states; whereas community colleges in Maryland and state and private universities in Virginia both provide formal education in nuclear medicine technology.

However, students can alleviate the stress of commuting while benefiting from a great selection of radiology and nuclear medicine technology degrees that can be accessed through distance learning and online schools of higher education. Students that choose this convenient alternative to classroom instruction may earn the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, Associate of Occupational Science in Radiography (Advanced Placement Track), Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, Associate in Science—Radiologic Technology.

Most campus-based, online, and distance learning programs in nuclear medicine technology and radiology strive to prepare students to sit for an occupational competency examination administered by either the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board or the American Registry for Radiology Technologists. Although certification and registration is completely voluntary in Washington, DC, nuclear medicine technologists that do so may be able to increase their marketability to prospective employers.

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