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Washington D.C. Healthcare Informatics Salary - DC

The average salary for nurse informatics in the United States is $74,000 annually. However, District of Columbia nursing informatics salary is typically much higher, earning an average of $90,000 annually. Individual salaries usually reflect an employee’s level of formal education and amount of prior work experience in nurse informatics practice. A masters degree or higher is generally preferred even though only a baccalaureate degree is required to gain ANCC certification. Professionals entering the field tend to research health care and information centers in areas of District of Columbia where high populations depend more heavily on nurse informatics.

However, increased job availability does not always mean higher salary averages. Nurse informatics professionals willing to relocate are more likely to acquire more desirable salaries. Once employed, professionals working in nurse informatics can expect an optimistic career outlook. Compared to the average employment rates for all other occupations combined nationwide, nursing informatics is anticipated to experience a 20% employment growth between 2008 and 2018. This employment growth trend will create more than 30,000 new job positions nationally, according the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, professions may benefit from more job availability, job security, and more competitive nurse informatics salary earnings in District of Columbia.

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