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Become a Personal Trainer in Washington D.C. - Distict of Columbia

An active lifestyle has shown many benefits to health.   Personal trainers are at the forefront in terms of promoting an active lifestyle.  The role of the personal trainer is to work with people in an individual or group setting and assist the people in reaching their fitness goals.  The personal trainer can use a number of techniques, founded in science, including strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training.  In addition, the personal trainer can help to coach his/her clients in other areas of health and fitness, such as nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Because the importance of fitness to health has been increasingly demonstrated, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a much better than average job growth for the profession of personal training. The BLS projects the job growth at 27% over the next ten years.  These jobs can be found in health clubs, corporate wellness programs, and individual small businesses.

The District of Columbia is no exception to this growth and can be expected to have a very strong environment for personal trainers.  The District of Columbia, as in many other metropolitan areas, is full of many fitness -conscious individuals.  In Washington DC, personal trainer certification opens the door to tremendous opportunity.


How to Become a Personal Trainer in the District of Columbia

Though licensure has recently been considered for personal trainers in Washington D.C, the profession of personal trainer is not currently regulated by the District of Columbia.  This means that any individual who has a passion for fitness, as well as a desire and an ability to motivate and help individuals achieve their fitness goals can practice as a personal trainer.  With this in mind, individual employers may require a national certification in the area of personal training.  There are several different certifications, each with its own unique requirements.

While employers may require a national certification, it may also serve to make the personal trainer more marketable.  The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredits the most credible certifying agencies.  Many of the certifications that employers may require are through organizations that are certified by the NCCA.

In the District of Columbia, some services provided by personal trainers may be reimbursable as a professional service through Medicaid and the Department of Disability Services.  In this case, the personal trainer must adhere to certification standards set forth by the Fitness Standard Council Personal Trainer Accreditation.  Consult the Department on Disabilities Services for more information.

Washington DC personal trainer certification will combine some form of educational component with training in the field.  Certification ensures that the personal trainer has had met a standard of competence in a given area.

The Department on Disability Services
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Administration
Waiver Division
Office of Waiver Provider Relations
1125 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

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