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How to Become a Public Health Professional in Washington, D.C.

Most Washington, DC public health careers require a graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  Moreover, a master's degree is recommended, if not required.  The Masters of Public Health (MPH) is the most recognized among public health professionals.  If you were interested in obtaining an MPH, you would most likely select an accredited school that offers a duel-degree (BS/MPH).  There are other educational options available, but the MPH is the most common among public health officials. 
This type of program often requires a 3.5 grade point average or higher for admission.  Some programs have strict requirements for completion and graduation.  The admission process can be somewhat competitive due to the caliber of the degree program.  After graduation from this type of program, one may also obtain the certified public health (CPH) credential.  Currently, there are no states that require a license to practice public health.  Therefore, the credential is not mandatory, but does represent knowledge and skill in the public health community.  In Washington, DC one must successfully pass an examination testing expertise in public health topics.  The examination is administered by the National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE).


National Board of Public Health Examiners
One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street, Ste: 4300
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone:  (412) 255-3796
Fax:  (412) 255-3701
Email:  info@nbphe.org
Website:  www.publichealthexam.org Professional Organizations for Public Health in the District of Columbia

American Public Health Association (APHA):  This organization is a representation of an array of public health professionals.  They focus on the health and well-being of individuals and communities.    The association has a student based membership, as well as a professional membership.  The benefits of being a student member include access to information regarding internships, the ability to mentor with public health specialists, access to job market trends and current job listings, access to resume building topics, and the ability to network with other public health students.    

American Public Health Association (APHA)
800 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
e-mail: comments@apha.org
Phone: (202) 777-2742
Fax:  (202) 777-2534
Website:  www.apha.org

Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association (MWPHA):  This organization is strongly committed to providing assistance and protection for individuals and the District of Columbia community.  It also fights against local environmental health problems.  The association shares knowledge to better serve as a liaison between themselves and public health professionals in the District of Columbia area, as well as the public.  They strive to be a leader with regards to public health issues.  Furthermore, the association is a link in providing continuing education to the District of Columbia workers and the community.  Becoming a member of the MWPHA has many advantages.  One of which is the ability to receive up-to-date information regarding advocacy issues, legislative and community oriented.  In addition, members will be able to stay current on upcoming events and job market availability in the DC area.        

Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association (MWPHA)
PO Box 4843
Cleveland Park Station
Washington, DC 20008
Phone:  (202) 466-7556
Email:  info@mwpha.org
Website:  www.mwpha.org