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District of Columbia Vet Tech School

Education for Veterinary Technicians in Washington, DC

A career can start as earlier as high school, by taking general science, biology, algebra, and communication classes which provide a beneficial background needed in a vet tech career. Aspiring VTs  in Washington, DC have two options for gaining federally required education. The first option is to enroll in and graduate from a neighboring state’s vet tech training program. In Washington, DC, students may need to travel to a Baltimore, Maryland community college, or Sterling, Virginia community college where AVMA accredited vet tech programs exists.

The other option is to take advantage of one of the several distance learning programs offered by vet tech schools approved by the AVMA. Many of these programs offer a two-year associate’s degree in Science or Applied Science. New Mexico, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, and Texas are all home to AVMA fully accredited online vet tech training programs. However, not all work can be completed online; whereas, federal regulations demand that all vet tech education programs must include a laboratory or clinical element to its curriculum. This requirement can be satisfied by online students through practical training in local facilities that employ VTs. This portion of training must be supervised and documented by a licensed veterinary (LV).

Specific curriculum requirements will vary slightly between vet tech programs. However, in general, student can expect career-specific coursework in areas such as: animal agriculture, animal health management, animal physiology, introduction to veterinary technology and principles of animal anesthesia.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Veterinary Techs in Washington, D.C. / District of Columbia can prepare themselves for careers at some of the best animal hospitals and facilities in the country.

For additional details and resources, please contact:

District of Columbia Board of Veterinary Examiners
717 14th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
(877) 672-2174 (phone)
(202) 727-8471 (fax)

American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-4360
(800) 248-2862 (phone)
847-925-1329 (fax)

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