EKG Tech Employment

What employment settings can EKG techs work in?

EKG Techs typically are employed in hospitals to handle EKGs, Holter Monitors, and Treadmill Stress Tests. Some large cardiologists’ offices may employ an EKG Tech but typically these offices either send their patients to the hospital for these tests or have a medical assistant or other personnel in the office perform the EKG.

What are other titles for EKG Techs?

EKG Techs, which is short for electrocardiogram technician, fall under the umbrella of non-invasive cardiology technicians. They are sometimes called cardiographic techs or ECG techs.

Who are EKGs typically performed on?

EKGs are typically performed as part of a routine physical for people who have reached middle age. Another reason an EKG may be

What other health care professionals do EKG Techs work with?

During a treadmill stress test, the cardiologist is in the room observing beside the EKG Tech. The cardiologist is watching the images as they’re being recorded. Oftentimes EKG Techs work alongside cardiac sonographers when a cardiac ultrasound is done in conjunction with a stress test to see how the heart is squeezing and functioning while beating at a rapid pace. Also, EKG Techs may also work with cardiovascular technologistssince 12-lead EKGs are performed before an individual has any invasive cardiovascular procedures done, and typically following the procedure as well. They may well interact with nurses and physicians throughout the hospital, most often in the Emergency Department.

What equipment do EKG techs commonly use?

EKG Technician careers involve using several different pieces of equipment to do their jobs. First, they use a 12-lead EKG recording device, which is on a portable cart they push around the hospital. These professionals also work with treadmills, which are similar to the ones in a gym except a computer workstation is attached that displays the 12-lead. A printer is also attached which prints out the results of the 12-lead. Holter monitor tests involve EKG Techs using a desktop computer that allows a cassette to be plugged in. This computer has software that aides in reviewing the 24-hour report of the heart rhythms, which is then forwarded on to the cardiologist.

EKG Technician Schools

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