EKG Technician Education

What type of schooling is required of an EKG Tech?

A high school diploma is oftentimes the only educational requirement to become an EKG Tech because the actual training occurs on the job. However, there are certificate or diploma programs to prepare an individual to work as an EKG Tech. These programs are typically a few months to a year in duration. Six months tends to be the most common duration of an EKG Tech program. Oftentimes a certificate in phlebotomy is paired with one as an EKG tech for a comprehensive certificate that covers both fields. Other times medical assisting diploma programs have an EKG emphasis.

What types of EKG Technician schools are available?

There are a variety of both campus-based and online EKG Technician schools available. Some programs have a combined modality where some of the coursework is completed in an online format but then practicums or hands-on experience are also required.

What types of courses are included in an EKG Tech Program?

An EKG Tech training program typically covers areas such as:

  • Stress Test
  • Holter Monitor Testing
  • EKG Techniques
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Patient Care and Preparation
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Electrophysiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cardiovascular Diagnostic Procedures
  • Cardiovascular Drugs

Will students be ready to take and pass EKG Technician certification exams?

Upon completing a formal EKG tech education program, students are prepared to sit for and pass the following national exams:

  • National Certified ECG Technician (NCET)
  • Nationally Registered title of Certified EKG Technician (NRCEKG)
  • Certified Cardiographic Technician – CCT

EKG Technician Schools

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