EKG Technician Certification

Are there credentialing certificates available for EKG techs?

The Cardiac Credentialing International organization offers a CCT (Certified Cardiographic Technician) certification level credential for EKG Techs. Passing the exam may make EKG Techs more marketable for hospitals hiring for this job because it shows they have the fundamental knowledge necessary to perform these tasks. This exam is computerized and offered at Pearson Vu testing centers throughout the country. It tests on the proficiency needed to perform EKGs, Holter monitoring and Treadmill Stress Tests.

What does the EKG Technician certification test exist of?

The CCI exam is made up of 33% covering ECG Techniques and Recognition, 20% covering Holter Monitoring, 16% covering

What are the steps to become an EKG Tech?

There are several routes one could take to become an EKG Tech but the below steps are recommended because they provide an individual with marketability and credibility in the field.

  1. In high school, take as many science courses as you can.
  2. Graduate from high school and enroll in an EKG program (oftentimes these programs are paired with medical assistant programs or phlebotomy).
  3. Earn the Cardiovascular Credentialing International CCT (Certified Cardiographic Technician) credential by sitting for the exam.
  4. Look for a job as an EKG Tech, likely at a hospital.
  5. Earn 16 continuing education credits over the course of three years to maintain the CCT credential.

EKG Technician Schools

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