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EMT Salaries in Ontario - ON

The Ontario Paramedic Association notes that most jobs for paramedics are not advertised. Rather, once a student graduates from paramedic training, he or she sends an unsolicited resume to an ambulance service. This is why the clinical and practical experience one receives in EMT training is so vital to networking for future employment. If one takes the national certification examination to become an Advanced Paramedic, employment opportunities are more plentiful. The Ontario Paramedic Association maintains a list of all licensed municipal emergency service providers within the province and links to their recruitment and employment sites.

Per the Ontario Paramedic Association, a Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario who has just graduated from college earns an average hourly pay of between C$21 and C$29. This translates to an annual salary range between C$43,680 and C$60,320, which is a great starting salary for an allied health professional with a two-year degree. Salaries typically increase each year and have outperformed inflation during the past five years, the Ontario Paramedic Association says.  If one takes the examination to become an Advanced or Critical Care Paramedic, he or she can expect a higher salary range in line with the additional training, duties and responsibilities that the job entails.

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