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Ontario EMT and Paramedic Careers - ON

While becoming an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) or paramedic is a very rewarding career choice, it can be quite challenging as well. EMT training in Ontario consists of first graduating from high school. There are certain courses that should be taken while still in high school if you plan to pursue a paramedic or EMT career. These include a senior biology course and a senior science course. In addition, the Ontario Paramedic Association recommends that you have a current Standard First Aid certificate, current CPR certification, a class F license to drive in Ontario, and be up to date on your immunizations.

Paramedics must possess good communication skills, physical fitness, and the ability to lift. Ontario also requires paramedics to be at least 18 years of age. Once the above requirements have been met, you can pursue formal EMT and paramedic training in Ontario, generally a two-year program. Paramedic careers are varied and include duties and responsibilities such as assessing the extent of injury, illness or trauma; being a liaison with ambulance dispatch centers, hospital personnel, the police and family members; administering CPR and other pre-hospital care necessities; establishing and maintaining intravenous treatment; transporting patients by ambulance, air, land or water; documenting injuries; helping hospital staff provide treatment; and maintaining equipment and supplies on ambulances.

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