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Exercise Science Career in Alaska - AK

Although Alaska is not known for its professional sport teams, it is known for demanding outdoor recreation. The same goes for many of the occupations in Alaska – work in the shipping, timber, fishing and oil industries are all hard on the body resulting in injury and disability. Exercise science careers in Alaska can also focus on specific populations by age, and pediatric specialists are especially in demand due to the large population here under 18.

Anchorage, in the south central area of the state, is the largest city and is home to the 310 bed Providence Alaska Medical Center and the Alaska Regional Hospital. Central Peninsula Regional Hospital is a small 46-bed facility in Soldatna south of Anchorage. Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior and has Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, which provides critical support to a large geographic region. Juneau is the capital in the Southeastern or Panhandle region, along with the former capital, the smaller city of Sitka. In the more remote areas of the North Slope or Aleutian Islands, the only way to work is by sea or air.

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