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Exercise Science Career in Hawaii - HI

Exercise science is a broad term for a field of medicine that focuses on the way bodies move. One main goal of exercise science is discovering how to improve different aspects of human physiology by means of fitness and therapy. Some examples of common exercise science career fields are fitness or athletic trainers, aerobics instructors, coaches, and physical or occupational therapists.

Hawaii exercise science careers are especially unique, given the environment of the state and the opportunities for fitness instruction and training. In a state where, according to statehealthfacts.org, 53.2% of its population participates in moderate or vigorous physical activity, choosing a career in the exercise science field offers an opportunity to make an impact on that percentage.

Prior to starting an exercise science career in Hawaii, it’s necessary to obtain certification. This is typically done through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Through the ACSM, a variety of specific certifications can be obtained. From Certified Personal Trainer to a more specialized Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer and many in between, there are a number of certifications to choose from and work toward.

In addition to certification, various exercise science careers require specific educational training. While researching Hawaii’s exercise science careers, it is important to look in to the type of degree required for the desired career path.  

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