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Exercise Science Career in Maine - ME

A major in exercise science allows a student to investigate the connections between overall health and exercise. The possibilities for exercise science careers in Maine are abundant. A job in exercise science in Maine might take one to the health and fitness club, to a public or private school setting, to the headquarters of a sports team, to a physician’s office or clinic, or even to a research laboratory.

Maine employs many individuals with degrees in exercise science. Some of these positions, such as exercise specialist, teacher or personal trainer, may require certification by the state or outside regulating agencies (such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association). When one checks the indeed.com classified ads in Maine for jobs in the realm of exercise science, it quickly becomes clear how numerous these positions truly are. All of the following positions require some type of degree or certificate in exercise science:

  • Fitness specialist – Maine General Health, Augusta
  • Fitness trainer – State of Maine, Augusta
  • Fitness instructor – St. Mary’s Health System, Lewiston

This list of openings is provided for informative purposes only and in no way represents a job offer.

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