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Exercise Science Career in Nebraska - NE

With more than 1.5 million residents, Nebraska, which is commonly called the Cornhusker State, is certain to contend with many of the health care issues that will impact the entire country in the years to come.  These concerns include not only policy matters that focus on the supply, demand and cost of good medical treatment, but also understanding the ways in which healthy lifestyles can be adopted and maintained.  For these reasons, exercise science careers in Nebraska will provide an outstanding opportunity for professionals to get people moving so fitness is regularly incorporated into their everyday routines.

Professionals in exercise science do more than train athletes in preparation for sports and games.  Rather, they work collaboratively with the population at–large to help people recognize the importance of movement and how it affects the function of limbs, muscles and joints.  Exercise science enables those who pursue this career to help others understand wellness from a holistic perspective that pays careful attention to anatomy, biological processes like aging and injury prevention.  They will find employment opportunities not only in health clubs and gym facilities, but also in hospitals like Lincoln Surgical Hospital and Bryan LGH Medical Center where they can support the rehabilitation of patients who need physical therapy in the city of Lincoln.  Moreover, degree holders in this field can act as personal trainers and fitness consultants.